Benefits of Learning a New Language

Topics: Linguistics, Learning, Skill Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: March 14, 2014
Why learn a new language?. Languages symbolise identities and characters, and are used to signal individualities by those who speak them. Language is a system integrated by a set of subjective signs and symbols, it is primary vocal, but it can be visual too. Moreover, Individuals are also characterized by other people according to the language they speak. In other words, learning languages (besides your mother tongue) is a strong communication tool used between nations to exchange information and to maintain social relations and integrate with the local community. Learning a new language makes the person aware and mindful of others identities, diversities, cultures, traditions, and habits. However, is it easy to learn a new language? Not really, it can be tough, hard and needs dedication. There is no magical way to learn a language; however there are certain techniques and methods that can be followed to learn any language trying to stay away from any obstacles and difficulties that the learner may face.

Thousands of studies and researches were attempted to find the best method and approach in teaching and learning a new language. However, professors and researches didn't agree on a single approach that they thought all learners will be able to learn throughout it. This is due to the differentiation in brain levels and habits that each person has while learning. At first, each learner should identify his/her approach and method in learning. This stage is considered to be the origin in learning the new language because it involves a change in behavior, also involves reinforce and practice. Some learners learn best through repetition, some through writing, and others through reading or listening the language. Nevertheless, the most important methods for teaching a new language that teachers and educators agreed on were the: audio lingual method, the silent method, the communicative language method, the integrated method, and lastly the grammar translation...
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