Bhutan, Empowering local Government

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Empowering Local Government
The PDP pledges to empower the local government to give it more administrative powers, whereby, it will be given maximum autonomy to take decisions, to prioritize developmental activities, and even change developmental activities based on the need and urgency. It would receive more financial powers, as PDP believes local government bodies have limited financial power, in terms of available funds or the discretion to use it. Within the first week of forming the government, PDP will call on the Pay Commission to look into the salary and benefit packages of local government officials. It will look into the possibilities of at least doubling the salary of gups, and increasing the allowances and other benefits. Besides this, the party promises to include a delivery of at least one utility vehicle, black-topped motor road in every gewog centre, a fuel station that will sell kerosene, gas cylinder, petrol, and diesel, at least one FCB shop to sell subsidized goods and commodities, and a farmer’s bank are listed on the manifesto. PDP also promises to make a special loan schemes under which the farmers can buy utility vehicles likes power tillers and bolero pick-up trucks, and every chiwog/village will have at least one power tiller. Thromdes

PDP will establish a thromde in every dzongkhag headquarter as required by the Constitution. Every thromde will have a thrompon. The establishment of the thromde will expedite the uniform urban development in all dzongkhag towns in the country. Dzongkhags

Every dzongkhag is promised at least one good school with boarding facilities under the dzongkhag administration, and it will encourage having students from within the dzongkhag. Besides that, the party pledges one excavator for every dzongkhag, a fire fighting unit in each dzongkhag, two ambulances for every hospital, and three doctors per dzongkhag hospital with one specialist among them. The manifesto specifically mentions that “DPT promised this,...
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