Bias-Free Arguement Essay

Topics: Linguistics, Logic, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Bias-Free Language Argument Essay

Language both shapes and reflects our culture. It reflects social patterns such as religion, law, class, and economy, and these aspects are reinforced by language. As our culture change and evolve, so does language. Therefore, people should use bias-free language as it is accurate, realistic and will not harm people's feelings.

Biased language can hurt, demean and dehumanize people. Calling people by derogatory nicknames and not their real names makes it easier to mock, outcast, abuse, and kill them. For example, calling black people "niggers" made it easier to enslave them, and calling Jews "vermin" or "rat" made it simpler to exterminate and gas them. From these examples, we can see how harmful biased language is more than it seems.

Bias-free language is more precise, realistic and logical. Biased language can often lead to miscommunication and misinterpretation, as it is ambiguous. With too many clichés, the meaning of these expressions becomes vague, uninformative and unrevealing. Good writers use explicit and descriptive bias-free words to get their ideas through to the reader, which is an important factor of literacy. Thus, bias-free language can broaden our imagination, giving us a more expressive, dynamic and fresh vocabulary and give our speech a more eloquent meaning.

Oppositions may argue that bias-free language will lead to absurd terms, such as 'woperson'(woman) and 'personipulate'(manipulate). However, these are just ridiculous cases critics provide to make themselves seem victorious. They are grinding the tiniest grist, giving ludicrous examples which would probably never exist. The critics are just making a fool of themselves and going overboard with making up silly words to back up their rebuttals.

Biased language is vague, inaccurate and can powerfully harm people. Bias-free language is specific, logical and gives our writing a deeper meaning. Our culture shapes language and language reinforces...
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