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Topics: Accuracy and precision, Linguistics, Word Pages: 5 (903 words) Published: November 10, 2011

| | |ASSESSMENT OBJECTIVES | |To test candidates’ ability to: | |produce a piece of continuous prose in accurate Standard English | |respond relevantly and creatively to a task chosen from a number of alternatives. | | | |Particular emphasis is placed upon the candidates’ ability to: | |write sentences of various lengths and types, using a variety of sentence structures as an aid to meaning. | |use a wide range of vocabulary with precision. | |punctuate accurately and effectively. | |write in paragraphs which are appropriate linked and show cohesion. | |spell accurately over the full range of vocabulary. | |respond with relevance and precision to the chosen topic. | |engage and sustain the interest of the reader. |


|Mark range |Description of criteria | |A |The language is entirely accurate apart from very occasional first drafts slips | |44 - 50 |Sentence structure is varied and sophisticated – shows the candidate is able to use various types of sentences to achieve| | |a particular effect. | | |Vocabulary is wide and used with precision. | | |Punctuation is accurate and helpful to the reader. | | |Spelling is accurate across the full range of vocabulary used. | | |Paragraphs are well-planned, have unity and are linked. | | |The topic is addressed with consistent relevance. | | |The interest of the reader is aroused and sustained throughout the writing. | |B |The language is accurate; occasional errors are either minor or first draft slips. | |38 - 43 |Sentences show some variation of length and type, including some complex sentences. | | |Vocabulary is wide enough to convey intended shades of meaning with some precision | | |Punctuation is almost always accurate and generally helpful | |...
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