Book Response Poem Dive Book One Gordon Korman

Topics: English-language films, Linguistics, Scuba diving Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: April 19, 2012
Dessert- 50 points CHOOSE 1 *Due Thurs., Dec. 15 Directions: Complete ONE of the following prompts. Remember your writing must be free of spelling and grammatical errors. REMEMBER NO TEXTING LANGUAGE—NONE! You should have finished the entire book by this point. Title:__Dive – Book One______ Author:__Gordon Korman______ Currently on page #__148__ of ____148____total pages OR finished the book

* Find OR write a POEM (8 line minimum) that represents your book. Attach the poem, and write three paragraphs that explain how this poem relates to the theme, characters, and/or plot in your novel. Danger, the deep has called my name.

We go even deeper to find our fame.
The treasure is waiting for us to find.
No one believes us, we are running out of time.
Let's tell the captain he is our only hope,
no one else is nice they think we are a joke.
It's our secret we hope he can keep,
we know it's down there in the deep.
Kaz, Dante, Adriana, and Star we're all teenagers who spent the summer together they were at the Poseidon oceanographic Institute and learned to scuba dive into deep waters near Saint Luc in the Caribbean. This summer helped them form friendships. Tad Cutter gave been busy work for them to do so he could look for treasure. Cutter was dishonest and intended to find the treasure at any cost. Dante was colorblind and can see great at night. The teams use their different abilities to help each other. The teens found evidence of the treasure and wanted to trust someone. They decided to tell Captain Vanover. So the group went to the deep to search for the treasure but the sub crashed and forced everyone out. Star went back to try to save the captain, but the captain died and Star was put in the hospital.
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