Book Review: Economy and State: a Sociological Perspective

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Book Review: Economy and State: A Sociological Perspective
Amanda Oha
Liberty University

Amanda Oha
PPOG 502
Dr. Stewart
Book Review 2
Economy and State: A Sociological Perspective

In the book, Economy and State, authors try to connect reader with the inner workings the state and it’s relation to the economy. Unlike most authors, Bandeji and Sowers do not argue for minimal government intervention in economic affairs, but they discuss the relationship of the state and the economy. They argue that the state and the economy forged many types of relationships, which may end in different results.

Bandeji and Sowers started to explain this relationship between state and economy in two ways, economy-state dualism and economy-state embeddedness. Economy-state dualism think of these two concepts as separate, they operated in what they would call “contrasting logics”. Economy-State embeddedness is described as two entities that what is called “mutually constitutive “ With this concept, it states that the state always has a role in economy and manipulate in different ways with different results”.

With dualism, it is stated that the state is preoccupied with the managing public affairs. They explain that when it comes to the economy it is about “the managing resources for maximization of private interests”. The relationship between state and economy is as two separate parties, so when the state gets involved, it is perceived as an interventionist state. The authors pose several questions when it comes to this type of state: How far should the government get involved in economic affairs? How much control should the government exert?

What is the quantity of the control that state has over the economy? These question help characterize the five different levels of intervention of the state: Public goods state- the intervention of the state is in the capacity when it comes to the provision of goods when the...
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