Book Review, Twilight Breaking Dawn

Topics: Bella Swan, Stephenie Meyer, Twilight Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Breaking Dawn: sparking the interest of the mortals and perhaps something else? Nowadays most people, or at least most teenagers, know a series called Twilight written by a American author named Stephanie Meyer. The last book in the series is called Breaking Dawn, which is getting released as a motion picture in November 2012, while the book was released in August 2008. The twilight series revolves around one major idea: a love story between a human and a vampire. The first three books tells the story of how the lovers – Isabella (or Bella), the human and the dashing 100-year-old vampire called Edward Cullen – met and how they went through many obstacles to continue to be together. The main obstacle is that they are different creatures and it is forbidden in vampire law to be with a human. The fourth and last book, leads the Twilight Saga into its ultimate finale, Breaking Dawn begins with another preface in which our narrator, Bella, once again faced with death. This time, though, it's a person she loves who's about to kill her. She decides that her love for that person leaves her no choice but to sacrifice her life. The suggested audience, not implying that the people not in this group would not enjoy it, are mature, and are 13 or over. Breaking Dawn implies many mature themes and content, children should not read this unless supported by appropriate parental guidance. Overall this is a glorious book is like a diet of animal blood, which sustains the vampires central to this story, it helps to slake one’s thirst but makes one hunger for more of this delicious papery delight. It has sparkling romance and thick tension supported by a wonderful love triangle. The characters are as gorgeous as supermodels strutting down the catwalk; this is, dear mortals, a novel to DIE for. Great work, Cynthia. Your review was informative, persuasive and for the most part very well written. You will, however, need to review – and practise – your use of commas, colons and...
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