Both Speeches Deal with Patriotic and Sombre Subjects. Compare and Contrast How Effectively They Have Conveyed Their Messages. 300-400 Words

Topics: Linguistics, Bill Hayden, Governor-General of Australia Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Both speeches deal with patriotic and sombre subjects. Compare and contrast how effectively they have conveyed their messages. 300-400 words

The point of any speech is to connect with an audience (and persuade them) on a far deeper level than any written form can provide. That connection may be through ideals such as patriotism or sombre subjects. The Funeral Service of the Unknown Soldier spoken by Prime Minister Paul Keating, deals with both patriotic and sombre ideals. Through positive language, emotive language as well as other techniques, a sombre and patriotic subject is expressed. We can also compare and contrast these ideals to William Deane’s speech on the occasion of an ecumenical service for the victims of the Canyoning tragedy.

Although both speeches encompass ideals of patriotism and somberness, we contrast them to that the audience and the context in which these speeches occurred. Sir William Deane’s speech uses inclusive language, solemn tone, multiculturalism and emotive and positive language to highlight the extent of the tragedy, but also to then bring everyone in mourning together and bring the renewal of life, seasonal imagery used as quoted “the golden wattles are coming into bloom”. The Unknown Soldier contrasts as of it having sentences that tries to evoke depictions of war, than a triumph of positive language to bring all Australians together. Although both speeches have ideals of patriotism and somberness, both speakers use different techniques in order to establish the mood and tone of the speech.

Emotive language, inclusive language, multiculturalism irrespective of their background as well as positive language is used in both texts in order to create a bond between audience and the remembered. Through exploration of these techniques, we establish the patriotic and sombre natures in these speeches. Although different in textual context, both are a celebration of Australian values; mateship, loyalty, honour and endurance.
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