Brazil Market SWOT

Topics: Economics, Economic growth, Economic development Pages: 2 (257 words) Published: April 27, 2015
Brazil Market SWOT
• Positive economic conditions in the recent years.
• Increased consumption power by C/D class.
• Low risk country (ranked as 3rd most attractive country for foreign investment). • Adaptability, creativity and flexibility.
• Empire of laws / Heavy Bureaucracy Enormous public spending. • Corruption incentive due to tax & legal system.
• Regional inequalities.
• Structural barriers to growth.
Economic development forcing reforms.
• FIFA World Cup in 2014, Olympic Games in 2016 and Pre Salt development (Brazil as the 6th world major oil reserve) will ramp investments in infra-structure. • World player ambitions demand open economy.

• Brazil will be the China (GDP growth velocity) of the next decade (2010-20), becoming the #5 world’s economy. Threats:
• Possible Global Recessions.
• Low pace of reforms bottlenecks economic growth.
• China dependency.

he objectives of a SWOT analysis are to build on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. This sample SWOT analysis for the Apparel, Piece Goods and Notions in Brazil can provide a competitive advantage. Strengths

-government provides monetary assistance
-barriers of market entry
-high profits
-experienced management
-reduced labor costs
-existing distribution networks

-too many taxes
-high loan rates
-low profitability
-no brands
-low productivity
-small business

-new products and services
-venture capital
-growing economy

-high competition
Raw data analyzed for our reports is sourced from an array of the nation's government and private sources. In total, we cover over a billion sourced data points from more than 100 million business operations. All data are free. This is a sample SWOT analysis. Data points for this report: 412.
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