Building Casinos

Topics: Sociology, Economic development, Economics Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Due to the keen competition globally, building casinos for a country’s economic development has become a talk in town in different countries recent years. Even though many concern that building casinos would lead to some detrimental effects on citizens, the casinos should be built as the economic benefits are outweighed by the social effects it brought.

To begin with, it is believed that building casinos can foster tourism, attracting more tourists and creating more job opportunities locally. This will boost the country’s economic development and will indisputably upgrade living standards of its people. Although it may arouse a series of social consequences, like the problem of crowd control, local security and money laundering due to an influx of tourists. However, we should note that any development strategy has its negative impacts, it is therefore unconvincing that we do not make a new attempt to build casinos in the light of these unavoidable effects. The economy will remain stagnant without blooming new industry. Actually, the tax revenue collected from operation of casinos will effectively address the above social impacts by deploying more resources in related areas. On the contrary, it is always economic recession the germ of more social problems,family violence, for instance. Therefore, building casinos is not only giving a great push to the economic growth, but also give a hand in preventing more possible social problems from happening.

Some people hold the belief that building casinos will result in a decline in social molarity and bring tremendous social problems. Nevertheless, they may neglect the fact that casinos are not the only avenue for gambling. Decline in molarity and occurrence of social problems are actually stemming from those illegal and underground “casinos “that have long abounded in our society. On contrast, building casinos on the one hand can abate the power of illegal gambling activities. It can also increase government...
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