burj khalifa: success or failure ?

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Homework instructions: Construct a table to outline the positive and negative effects of Urbanization.

Positive effects

Negative effects
Access to health.
Economic development.
Lower prices for transport.
Development of industries.
Availability of work (it depends).
Sometimes, better lifestyle.
Bigger and better community resources (libraries...).
Better education ( universities…).
Enrichment of the city.

Lack of work for everybody causes an increasing urban poverty. Lack of places for everybody to live causes the suburbs development and more lands needs to be cleared (nature degradation + more car buying = pollution). In poor countries urban poverty causes slums development.

Less farmers causes shipped food from far away (pollution + more expensive). Increased population leads to more waste and garbage.
Poor waste management causes the spread of disease and pollution. Food demand increases and more land needs to be cleared for food production (deforestation + nature degradation). High density of people can lead to conflicts and the quick spread of health problems. Impoverishment of the countryside.

Using examples write a conclusion.


In conclusion, after considering both sides of urbanization, more bad is felt to be resulted from this phenomenon than good. But it depends on the country. I take for example China. It’s urbanization led economic growth but it is not uniform: it focuses mainly on the eastern cities. In fact, the uneven development has enriched the big eastern cities, but has left the countryside affected by extreme poverty. However with this urbanization, population from poor sides of the country found work, primarily in factories and in the construction sector. This increase in population leads to deforestation and degradation of nature in order to expand the cities. In addition, the development of the construction sector causes a proportional increase in CO2 emissions,...
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