Business Models Systems and Organizations

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Business Models, Systems and Organization
Colette Selle
June 15, 2015
Instructor: Tammy Patchin

A local business that I frequent on a daily basis is Walmart, and will be explaining the types of business systems there are and how they incorporate them within the company. The three main components of a business system are: business commerce, business occupation, and business organization. All three of these components are significant to running a business, and some companies use some parts more than others. BUSINESS SYSTEMS

Business commerce is the process in which people produce, exchange and trade goods and services (Jones, 2007). Walmart buys produce, merchandise and household goods from different entities that they in turn trade to consumers for money. In recent years, Walmart has started providing services such as hair salons, optometry, and a pharmacy. Business occupation is where an acquired set of skills and abilities that allows people to create valuable goods and services (Jones, 2007). The different departments that use some of these specialized skills are in the deli, bakery and the tire and lube department. Employees have a set area of skills that provide these services to the consumers on a daily basis. One of the main areas that uses these specialized skills is the Pharmacy. The business organization is a system of task and authority relationship that coordinates and controls the interactions between people so that they work toward a common goal (Jones, 2007). For Walmart, they are always looking for ways to reduce cost. Also, looking for companies to work with that produce large quantities of value products so that they can reduce the price sold to the consumer. By being a big leader in these important areas they have created a common goal between them the business and me the consumer. TYPE OF BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS

Walmart is a company that is a...

References: Jones, G. R. (2007). Introduction to Business How Companies Create Value for People. New York, NY: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
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