Business Organization

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Faculty of Business and Environmental Studies

T1/13 Coursework Assignment

Diploma in Engineering Business Management

Module: 102KM Business Organization
Assignment Title: Types of Business Organizations

Date & Time of Submission: Week 10 (22:00)

Assignment Weighting: 50%

Word Limit : 3000 words

Description of Assignment

This is an individual assignment and carries 50% of the module weightage.

A business can have a number of different types of ownership depending on the aims and objectives of the owners.

This assignment requires further study on the different types of ownership, which makes up the different types of business organizations, which will be tested in tasks 1-3.



You are required to explain the different types of business organizations as listed below:

- Sole proprietorship (10 marks)

- Partnerships (20 marks) – Please discuss the different types of partnerships

- Corporation (10 marks)


For each type of Business organization identified in Task 1, discuss 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages that reflect the role of the Business Organization in the economy. 2.5marks will be awarded for each advantage and disadvantage (30 marks)


For each of the types of business organizations listed in Task 1, explain in detail and support with a brief study of a Company that is based on that particular organization structure.

Each relevant example carries 10 marks. (10 marks*3)


Course Material
Other relevant sources

Submission instructions
1. Each report should follow the standard format, consisting of

a. Title page
b. Abstract
c. Content Page
d. Main Report
e. Conclusion
f. References
g. Turnitin report

2. Each report should be printed...

Citations: and references should be used in the report. Use Harvard referencing.
6. Each coursework needs to be submitted to Turnitin for plagiarism check.
7. The class id and password will be provided later by your lecturer.
8. Take note of the deadline of submission. Submission of CW will be on or before Week 10. There will be a penalty for late submissions.
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