Business Plan( Automobile Production in Bangladesh)

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Executive summary

In this age of globalization people want to move smoothly and rapidly. Everything in the world should be time effective. Productivity is the main key for industrialization and the productivity depends on the ability to do things on time.

As Bangladesh is a developing country, for proper development time should be managed effectively. But lack of some initiative a huge amount of man hour damaged everyday. Shadhinota Motors Ltd. wants to help the people of this country by utilizing the resources and mobilizing the resources, with its product small passenger cars.

Another obstacle for the development of Bangladesh is import dependency. We have already passed 37 years of our independence, but still we are dependent. And the reason is improper utilization of our resources. As per the economic solution for the developing countries Adam Smith’s suggestion “country should produce the product with their factor abundances”.

As the man power is the biggest asset for Bangladesh it should produce labor intensive products, which can be the guideline for the development of our country.

With the slogan “Makes life faster” Shadhinota Motors Ltd. Just want to start a new dimensional industry in this country. The target people for the Company’s product that is small “cars” will be upper middle and middle-middle class within the price range 2, 00,000-2, 50,000 tk. The cars will become the time saving agent for these classes of people. This project will generate more than 10, 000 direct employments and more than 50,000 indirect employments through its supplies and distribution channels.

Shadhinota Motors Ltd. is also concern about the economic impact of this kind of projects in Bangladesh, where 73% people of the country live below the poverty line. This kind of industry can not be workable without supporting industries. So it will be a guideline for new needs and drives, where other industries like...
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