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a) Discuss the global impact of E-commerce on society4
b) Present the main advantages and disadvantages of e-Commerce6 Advantages:6
c) Explain the impact, including the risks, of introducing an e-Commerce system to the company8 Conclusion10


In the developing global economy, E-commerce have gradually become a crucial element of business model and a solid promoter for economic development. With its outcome of smoothing the marketplace, E-commerce joined with the appropriate plan and policy approach permits for small and medium enterprises to contest with big and capital-rich businesses. Electronic commerce has heightened productivity, reduced the cost of managing a business, facilitating for media advertising worldwide. (National, 2011) Discussing about the advantages and disadvantages of E-commerce it will be easier to realize how to conduct a business over the internet. Electronic commerce has benefits and risks which needs to be considerate before business to be launched online.

E-commerce is characterized by its impact, it is accessible just about universally, at all times. It releases the market from being limited to a physical space and give the possibility to shop from peoples comforts, from their home, when they are at work and also with the benefit of mobile technology, it can be done anytime, anywhere.

a) Discuss the global impact of E-commerce on society

Understanding of E-commerce

Electronic—in this discussion the meaning is sustained by computers and computer networks.

Commerce—the exchange of goods and chattels, ideas, services, and social interaction among entities, groups, organizations, or governments; might or might not involve payments.

When it is considered the influence of E-commerce on the worldwide economy it is said to be very significant and far reaching. Electronic commerce it is a very reflective and major effect for businesses which are situated all over the world. It is more significant than the traditional resources which are implemented by businesses all over the world. With the utility of E-commerce it is possible for individuals to shop online from their comforts of their home regardless of the geographical location.

Electronic commerce has been capable to eliminate the geographical barriers successfully and aided customers to come into contact with sellers without stress.

An additional major impact it is the one that has bought in a severe change in the traditional market. Electronic commerce has been greeted with open arms for the reason that clicked enormously for many businesses and now most of the industries that exist without E-commerce cannot exist.

Major effect of it, was for numerous small companies as they are not anymore in a necessity of having a physical office that supplies to a precise geographical location. The influence on the global economy it is so massive, that the targeted audience can be touched without wasting time and economic assets.

The target market is unquestionably reached with the support of effective internet marketing systems. The effect of E-commerce on the global economy has influenced everything right from the production to the service stages. (SlideShare, 2013)

Social effect of E-commerce means how the public has been affected from the time when online shopping has turn out to be common used by people all over the world. A good example it can be changing customer perception adding value to the customer as they can purchase goods from any country, without barriers and can compare prices and find the best choice.

The public has been impacted by online commerce and the speed of everything that changes through the internet. Numerous products are now available online before coming into high-street retailers.

One more advantage of shopping online is that occasionally, products are...

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