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Topics: United States Constitution, Commerce Clause, Economic development Pages: 2 (328 words) Published: November 9, 2013
why constitution change Restoring the war powers balance.
Creating a more representative Senate
Transforming presidential elections.
Ending second-class citizenship
Instituting Judiciary Term Limits
Universal National Service Requirement
pervert the interstate commerce clause to circumvent the admentment process too, to restore faith in leadership
costitution outdate

meaning of feed back mores(acquired customs and manners) and folkwys

show six mandatory fuction of local governmet
Required or commanded by authority; obligatory:
.provide a wide range of services
They also have responsibility for the economic, social and environmental ’wellbeing’ of their area are tightly controlled by central government, resulting in a similar level of service across the country (eg payment of housing benefit). requirements (eg libraries) leave councils with some choice over the level and type of service they provide. to maintain and facilitate the maintenance of peace, order and good government within its area of jurisdiction; to promote the social welfare and economic well-being of all persons within its area of jurisdiction; subject to national policy and plans for rural and urban development, to further the social and economic development of its area of jurisdiction;to take necessary measures to protect and enhance the environment in order to promote sustainable development. for the suppression of crime, the maintenance of peace and good order and the protec-tion of public and private property lawfully acquired; for the control and improvement of agriculture, trade, commerce and industry; for the furtherance and enhancement of the health, education, and the social, cultural and recreational life of the people; for the relief of poverty and distress, and for the assistance and amelioration of life for the young, the aged and the disabled or infirm; and for the development, mobilization and...
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