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Extended Diploma in Business

Unit 1: Business Environment
Outcome 1: Know the range of different businesses and their ownership Outcome 2: Understand how businesses are organized to achieve their purposes Outcome 3: Know the impact of the economic environment on businesses Outcome 4: Know how political, legal and social factors impact on business

You have joined a research consultancy firm in Dubai.
Your consultancy firm has just secured a major contact from the Government of Dubai. The Government is doing a review on the different types of business in Dubai. Your consultancy firm has asked you to work on several tasks, individual exercises and group work projects to help them compile material to present to the Government of Dubai.

Task 1: know the range of different businesses and their ownership An individually written SHORT FORMAL REPORT (Maximum 2,000 words) (P1, P2, M1and D1) 28 OCT 2013
1. Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses – P1 Guidelines for achieving P1

a) Choose one organization within the private sector and one from the public sector b) Describe their type
examine whether the businesses operate locally, nationally, internationally or globally; consider whether the businesses are in the primary, secondary or tertiary sector) c) Describe the purpose of the organization

- list the reasons why the business exists
- Explain how they supply products and services to their customers in response to demand d) Describe the form of ownership
Categorize the business under the public, private or voluntary sector Categorize the business under type of ownership: - such as sole trader, partnership, private or public limited company, franchise, government, charity etc.

2. Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses - P2 Guidelines for achieving P2
List 5 key stakeholders in both organizations, identify who are the primary stakeholders Explain how they influence each organization. Examine whether the stakeholders are linked with each other and whether there are any inter-dependencies.

3. Explain the points of view of different stakeholders seeking to influence the aims and objectives of two contrasting organizations - M1 Guidelines for achieving M1

Examine each of the stakeholder’s objectives
Describe how they try to influence each organization so that they achieve their objectives

4. Evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert in one organization – D1 Appraise each of the stakeholder’s objectives and illustrate how they try to influence each organization so that they achieve their objectives by giving examples Write the conclusion

Task 2 – Group display + INDIVIDUAL WRITTEN REPORT: P3, p4, 09 DEC 2013

Produce a DISPLAY BOARD / POSTER to describe different organizational structures and functional activities within different organizations Choose 2 different organizations, one from the production sector and one from the service sector and describe (you can use the same organizations from task1)

1. Describe how two businesses are organized – P3 (Group display) Guidelines for achieving P3

a) the organizational structure of each using organization charts to explain the purpose of the organization, the division of work and spans of control b) the functional activities of both organizations

c) influencing factors such as:
business environment
type of industry
strategic plans

2. Explain how their style of organization helps them to fulfill their purpose (individual written report) – P4 Guidelines for achieving P4

a) Identify the aims and objectives of each organization
b) Describe how the styles of organization adopted by each business unit helps in strategic planning and successful completion of organizational aims and objectives

Task 3 — GROUP Presentation of 2/3 students (15 minutes –...
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