Topics: Linguistics, Language, Semiotics Pages: 3 (290 words) Published: February 5, 2015
Hussam Hasan Karim

University of Basrah

College of Arts/ Department of English

Contrastive analysis as Applied Linguistics

Contrastive analysis is a branch of linguistics. It is a linguistic enterprise aimed at producing inverted (i.e. contrastive, not comparative) two-valued typologies (a CA is always concerned with a pair of languages), and founded on the assumption that languages can be compared (Carl James,1983( .

contrastive analysis includes all fields of linguistics such as phonology, semantics, syntax, morphology and pragmatics. It even seems that contrastive studies should rather be regarded as an approach, not as a branch of general linguistics.

In teaching and learning English as second language, contrastive analysis is really helpful for both the teachers and the students, because we will know the differences and similarities between source language (L1) and target language (L2). Therefore, it is easy for us to learn and adjust to the target language. So that, we do not incorporate the system of our source language to the target language, because each language has distinct system.

CA presents a successful theoretical and practical case for the value of CA as a research tool, both for those studying applied linguistics and for teachers needing to adjust their teaching to the state of knowledge of their students

Contrastive analysis can help teachers to :
Design teaching and learning materials (methodology)
Engage learner in activities to be a good user of target language.(classroom activities) Evaluate text books.
Pay attention to the structure of the texts beyond sentence level. Pay attention to conversation in its regular pattern in different situations. Pay attention to complex areas like intonation.
Pay attention to different underlying rules which differ from culture to culture.

James, C. (1980) .Contrastive Analysis. Longamn. London.

References: James, C. (1980) .Contrastive Analysis. Longamn. London.
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