Canton Fair Analysis

Topics: China, Government, Socialist market economy Pages: 43 (9710 words) Published: August 17, 2013
题 目(中文):中国会展业的现状、问题与对策 (英文):Current Situations, Problems and Solutions of Conference and Exhibition Industry in China 姓 名 (中文) 谢骏
(拼音) Xie Jun
学 号 20090301252
所在学院 国际商务英语学院
年级专业 国际商务093班
指导教师 田瑛 职称 教授
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Current Situations, Problems and Solutions of
Conference and Exhibition Industry in China

Xie Jun School of English for International Business


The Conference and Exhibition Industry has become one of the most important economic activities in today’s modern economic system. Contemporarily, China Conference and Exhibition have become a self-contained new business industry full of vigor and vitality. But in China, the format of Government pushed type of exhibition economy occupies or even monopolizes the total exhibition industry in China.

Focusing on the current situation of Chinese exhibition economy, this study aims at finding out the pros and cons of the government pushed type of conference economy. What’s more, the most famous Canton Fair which belongs to the government pushed type will be used as a typical example in order to find out the specific and detailed questions existed with the help of the questionnaire, and it will provide valuable suggestions towards those problems.

Key words: Conference and Exhibition Industry, Canton Fair, existing problems, solutions and suggestions


谢骏 国际商务英语学院 国际商务093班

摘 要:

在现当经济体系中,会展活动已成为经济活动的重要方式之一。并且,会展经济研究作为一个新的研究领域正引起社会、政府、国家乃至世界广泛的注意。 目前,中国会展业已发展成为一个自成体系、充满活力的新兴产业,推动着中国经济快速发展。在中国,政府主导型会展经济是各省份城市广泛采用的形式,在部分地区已经垄断了会展经济的形式;另外,根据目前的调查研究,国内对于会展经济理论研究绝大多数偏向于理论层次的分析,却很少采用国外例如西方的调查问卷的形式的研究。 针对中国会展经济现状,本文旨在研究政府主导型会展经济形式的利与弊,并且采用调查问卷的形式,以中国、乃至世界最出名的广交会为政府主导会展的例子,细致调查并得出大型会展存在的具体问题,并结合受访者的意见,为推动中国会展的继续前进给予相关建议。

关键词: 中国会展业;广交会;现状问题;对策建议


At first, I shall extend my sincere gratitude to Professor. Tian Ying, my dissertation tutor, who guided me overcome difficulties and gave me a lot of instructions during the process of thesis writing. Without her professional knowledge and expert comments, I would not have been able to acquire the orientation and accomplish this dissertation.

Meanwhile, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the professors and teachers as the following: Professor Huang Xiaoyan, Professor Yang Wenying, Professor Qiu Ying, Professor Xu Yuefang, and Doctor Peng Yili.

Finally, I would also like to thank my families and my dorm mates for their unfailing support and suggestive advice during the bottle neck period of my dissertation. Special thanks go to my classmates, Pan Zhuoxing, Lin...

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