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Your work role
Task B

1.Term and conditions of my employment work include:

Name of company, address, telephone number.
Employee name, address and telephone number.
Job title, place of work
Date of start, probationary period (3months), notice period (1 month) hours of work
Rate of pay, hours and where will my salary be paid
Overtime Rate
Notice of Termination ( 1 month by each side)
Holiday entitlement it's conditions
Bank/Public Holidays
Absence Payments and Conditions (sickness injury payments, sickness notification and certification, Maternity leave, Bereavement Leave, Jury Services and other public duties. All other absences explained) + 2 more Antenatal Care, Parental leave. Pension (there is no pension scheme with my company)

Disciplinary Appeal and Grievance Procedures
Deductions explained, these include tax, national insurance, petrol charges, Data Protection Act explained
Other Terms ( I am referred to Employee Handbook - it's part of Contract Employment) Signature of main and signature of company representative Date ( for both – when it's been signed.

Your work role
Task B

2.PAYSLIP - The information, which needs to be shown there, it is

Name of the person which is receiving the pay
person's address
Employee's number
Employee's name again
Processes date
Payments - such as: Overtime, Standard, Mileages,Holiday pay if there is some. Units, Rote of pay for each of above, total amount
Deductions – such as: Tax, National Insurance, Private mileages This period: Total Gross Pay TD
Gross for Tax TD
Tax paid TD
Earnings for NI TD
National Insurance TD
Name of the company
Tax Code
Tax Period3
Payment method
Net Pay in Total

Your work role
Task B

3. Change of address, change of surname, change of number account, changes health...

4. Grievance Procedures:

A company-approved grievance procedure sets the standard for handling any type of complaint made by employees fairly and thoroughly. Providing a venue for identifying and resolving conflict gives employees a formal way to be heard rather than forcing them to hold in their feelings of frustration or anger. The procedure also allows the management team to stop any unacceptable behaviours from occurring in the workplace as well as seek feedback on implemented policies and procedures that employees feel are ineffective or unfair.


The grievance process originates with a complaint from an employee that is then passed to his supervisor. In cases where the supervisor is the problem, the complaint would typically go to the next manager in line. The supervisor responds to the complaint in a way that follows company policies while keeping the employee's rights in mind. An unsatisfactory response from the supervisor may lead the employee to escalate the claim to a person in a higher management position. At this point, the senior manager may need additional facts to make a decision. Steps may include interviewing other employees, meeting with the parties involved or assigning a panel of colleagues and management staff to assist in fact-gathering. If the resolution proposed by the senior management isn't acceptable, legal action through arbitration or lawsuits may come into play.

Establishing Policies

The company policy should establish the proper chain for filing a grievance, including how to handle the complaint when it deals with a direct supervisor or a senior manager. Outline whether the grievance should be verbal or written and define the amount of time the supervisor or manager has to respond to the grievance. If supervisors handle the majority of the complaints, determine if approval from a senior manager is necessary when a decision is made. Include examples of reasons why an...
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