Carib Studies

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Caribbean Studies Past Papers
2002- Paper 01
Society and Culture
1. (a) Differentiate between ‘material’ and ‘non-material culture’. (2 mks) (b) Describe 2 ways in which language in Caribbean society and culture has helped to shape some of our behavioral patterns. (4 mks) 2. (a) Illustrate, using an example, how a cultural practice such as farming is related to landforms or soils in Caribbean and environment. (2 mks) (b) Identify 2 ways in which winds and ocean currents, have influenced society and culture in the Caribbean. (4 mks) 3. (a) Define social stratification. (1 mks)

(b) List 2 factors that influence social stratification. (2 mks) (c) Explain how one mentioned above influences social stratification. (3mks) Development
4. Describe 2 ways in which trade between the Caribbean and the global community has shaped aspects of Caribbean society and culture. (6 mks) 5. (a) For one identified country outside the Caribbean, give one explanation of how the presence of large numbers of Caribbean people has impacted on its politics. (3 mks) (b) Give 1 illustration to show to what extent culinary practices have been accepted in countries outside the region. (3 mks) 6. (a). Give one factor that may determine (1 mk)

(b) Describe 1 difficulty that Caribbean societies face in bringing about greater social and economic equalization. (2 mks) 7. Illustrate using examples, the negative effects of foreign aid on development in Caribbean countries. (6 mks) 8. (a) Describe 3 ways in which national festivals may impact on development. (3 mks) (b) List 3 effects of crime on development in the Caribbean. (3 mks) 9. (a) Describe the term “Common Market” (2 mks)

(b) Explain 2 ways in which Caricom can promote economic development among member states. (4 mks) 10. Describe 3 ways in which hosting international sporting competitions in the region can have direct economic impact on Caribbean states.(6 mks) Independent Study

11. (a) People living near an incinerator are experiencing respiratory problems. Construct a research question that you would use to investigate the problem. (2 mks) (b) Identify one aspect of research and show how it can be described as systematic. (2 mks) 12. Explain 2 purposes of a literature review in a research study. (4 mks) 13. Describe 2 disadvantages of using questionnaires to collect data. (4 mks) 14. (a) State 2 considerations that should be included in the conclusion of a research paper. (b) Identify 2 formats that may be used in presenting qualitative data. (2 mks) 15. (a) 50 secondary schools were involved in a research study conducted in a Caribbean country. The study investigated the academic achievement of males and females in 5th form. (2 mks) (b) Give one justification for the strategy stated in 15 (a) above. (2 mks) PAPER 02

Section A
1. Describe the major effects of slavery or indentureship on Caribbean society and culture today. (20 mks) 2. Describe how migration of Caribbean people to the US, Canada the UK has impacted on the culture of these countries. (20 mks) Section B

3. Examine the view that although environment issues are extremely crucial in the development of a region, in the Caribbean they continue to be accorded low priority. (20 mks) 4. Describe how globalization may lead to the demise of enterprises that were once viable in the Caribbean. (20 mks) Section C

5. Some commentators see the impact of foreign influences on aspects of the society and culture as a continuing issue in the Caribbean. To what extent do u agree or disagree? (30 mks) 6. Examine with reference to Caribbean society and culture, how cultural habits and values affect health. (30 mks) Section D

7. To what extent can the inequitable treatment of women be considered a development issue? Discuss with reference to the Caribbean. (30 mks) 8. Explain, using examples, how political ideologies impact on the development of Caribbean countries. (30mks) 2003-Paper 01...
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