Case Analysis “Bob Knowlton”

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Case Analysis “Bob Knowlton”
The problem
Bob Knowlton quit his job suddenly and found a better position with more salary. But, Jerrold and Fester felt shocked on Knowlton’s decision. No one knew that why Knowlton wanted to leave. Relevant information

Bob Knowlton knew that his ability was not as good as Fester, so Bob gave Fester some chances to express his opinions on the photon projects. As a team leader, it is a good way toward his member of the group. Yet, actually Knowlton got annoyed by Fester, he thought his leading position in this group would be taken by Fester. In fact, Knowlton misunderstood Jerrold and Fester intention. That means Knowlton was in short of communication skill. He hid his real thoughts and emotions, and his attitude about talking to others went some problems. He did not know how to communicate with his head and members. They do not have two way communications, so Jerrold could not figure out why Knowlton depart from their team. Alternative solutions

First of all, maybe just let him go. Second, Bob Knowlton should have a talk with Jerrold about Fester’s problem. Third, provide Knowlton trainings with communication skills and his attitude dealing with people. Forth, give Knowlton a vacation. The fifth solution is transfer Fester to another group. Evaluating alternative solutions

The advantage of the first solution is anyone with such knowledge can replace Knowlton’s position. But, if the next leader is not that good, he/she cannot involve in the group or the projects. The merit of the second solution is that Knowlton has to let his group head understand how he feels and what trouble between him and his group member. This choice can solve his departure problem and he will not take another at all. But the disadvantage is that if Jerrold do not accept his opinion, it will be useless to solve the problem. To the forth choice, when Knowlton have some fresh air, he may think clearly and he may make a better decision than quit his job....
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