Case Study: YES Country Networks

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The YES Country Network Tanzania was formed in August 2001 at a meeting of 50 youth related NGOs in Dar es Salaam. The meeting was organised by the Tanzania Media and Youth Development Association (TAMEYODA), and chaired by the Hon. Gertrude Mongella Secretary General Beijing Conference for Women. The result was the formation of a YES Country Network Coordinating Committee.

The committee has since expanded the Network, which now includes representatives over 250 different NGOs, government and private institutions are currently members of the YES Country Network.

The Approach used to disseminate information

We have identified and contacted institutions and organisations that will commit to creating an action plan for the Decade Campaign. We have informed the headquarters for religious organizations in the country, so that they may contact all churches and mosques to participate in the campaign. The Christian (Catholic and Protestant) institutions have youth economic programs. They are committed to emphasising the agenda of youth employment, by encouraging parents to contribute to start-up capital for the youth. They are also using their sermons as a medium to encourage young people to form economic groups rather than gangs.

According to Muslim leaders there are no formal economic projects organised through the mosques at present. However, they plan to start some joint ventures with Christian leaders to create employment programs for youth. They have also agreed to disseminate information within the Muslim community to encourage parents and youth to get involved in the campaign. This will ensure that information is disseminated to the rural and urban areas.

We have contacted various educational and higher learning institutions so that they can make arrangements to explicitly incorporate the goals of the Summit into their work.

In addition, the Media Sub-Committee which was formed as a sub-committee to the to the YES Country Network Coordinating Committee, has taken on the responsibility of disseminating information and promoting YES during the Decade Campaign. They are also responsible for organising media events as well as lobbying issues related to the YES Campaign.

We have contacted many NGOs about participating in the YES Campaign. These NGOs will remain in contact with the Country Network Coordinating Committee through the various centres for YES, which have been started.

YES Structure in Tanzania
In order to make sure that the YES Campaign reaches the primary target group, we plan to form a structure that will function within the geographical conditions of the country. We will begin with a National Committee; from the national we will form committees for each zone. These zonal units will be responsible for organizing and promoting economic activities within the particular regions that are appropriate for the geographical, social and economic conditions. For example the Lake Zone is made up of four regions that surround Lake Victoria. The Lake Zone Centre will endorse activities such as fishing, agriculture, livestock and mining within the four regions. From the regions we will form partnerships at the district – ward – village level in order to insure that the Campaign reaches the grassroots level.

Currently there is a YES Country Network Coordinating Committee at the national level. The YES Country Network is not an independent institution but acts as a program being run by various Institutions with the Tanzania Media and Youth Development Association (TAMEYODA) acting as the Main centre in partnership with the Ministry of Labour, Youth Development and Sports.

There are also five YES centres that represent different zones. Like the main Country Network, they also operate through other organisations. The first centre was formed in Zanzibar through Partnership for Youth Development (PYD) and the Zanzibar Youth, Education and...
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