Central Secretariat

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The Central Secretariat system in India is based on two principles: (1) The task of policy formulation needs to be separated from policy implementation. (2) Maintaining Cadre of Officers operating on the tenure system is a prerequisite to the working of the Secretariat system. The Central Secretariat is a policy making body of the government and is not, to undertake work of execution, unless necessitated by the lack of official agencies to perform certain tasks. The Central Secretariat normally performs the following functions: (1) Assisting the minister in the discharge of his policy making and parliamentary functions. (2) Framing legislation, rules and principles of procedure. (3) Sect oral planning and programme formulation.

(4) (a) Budgeting and control of expenditure in respect of activities of the Ministry/department. (b) Securing administrative and financial approval to operational programme and their subsequent modifications. (c) Supervision and control over the execution of policies and programmes by the executive departments or semi-autonomous field agencies. (d) Imitating steps to develop greater personnel and organizational competence both in the ministry/department and its executive agencies. (e) Assisting in increasing coordination at the Central level.

| Structure of Central Secretariat
Structure of Central Secretariat is such that the entire system is divided into a number of secretaries, deputy secretaries, joint secretaries and so on. The division of posts is hierarchical in nature.| |

 The Central Secretariat is a collection of various ministries and departments. But the Cabinet Secretariat, which is in reality a ministry comprising more than one department, is still known as the secretariat. A ministry is the charge allotted to ministers. This may include one or more departments depending upon administrative convenience, each under the charge of a secretary. A department on the other hand is an...
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