Challenges of Writing a Paper

Topics: Grammar, Linguistics, Sentence Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: May 18, 2011
Challenges of A Paper

By: Queenie Peoples

There are many challenges that can arise when writing a paper. One of these challenges is having an unclear thesis. When your thesis is unclear, it does not give consideration to the needs and the knowledge of the reader, it does not fulfill your purpose as being a writer, it does not include a clear and definite point, nor does it provide support that explains and proves the main point. This causes confusion for a reader and you may lose his or her attention. Another challenge that might arise is when you have a fragment sentence in the sentences in your paper. A fragment is a group of words that is missing a subject or a verb or that does not express a complete thought. A fragment is one of the grammatical errors that someone notices the most. This causes your paper to become vague and lose its flow. Finally, another challenge that might arise is grammar issues. When you do not use proper grammar, the reader will not be able to understand your meaning; your paper has no rhythm, and is presented as being unprofessionally written. There are many more and different challenges that can arise, but I feel that these three are the most important ones, when it comes to writing a paper.

The strategies that I would use to overcome those challenges are; first, to have a clear thesis I would present three best reasons to clearly support my thesis statement. I would write an introduction to capture the reader’s attention and provide basic information on my topic. I would present my first, second, and third point supporting the thesis in complete sentences, and provide evidence or examples supporting each point. This will help the reader understand my purpose in writing. A strategy to keep me from having a sentence fragment would be to learn and understand the definitions of a sentence, a subject, and a verb. It takes both a subject and a verb being in the same sentence to make it complete. Finally, my...
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