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The study was focused on the Inventory System. The researcher gave information about the scope and limitations of this thesis to identify the boundaries of this system.

The Scope of this system is:
1. The system can ADD new data.
2. The system can TOTAL the data needed.
3. The system is able to SAVE the new data.
4. The system can ACCESS without using connection.

The Delimitation of this system is:
1. The system cannot delete old files.
2. This system cannot be upgrade.
3. This system cannot automatically save if there is a malfunction with the electricity.


The purposed of Inventory System will improved the high quality and make work easier. Before that, the researchers discuss the following hypothesis of this thesis:

The Bake Shop having a difficulty in saving/updating the files of the Inventory information. The manual process of the Inventory System is time consuming, hassle for searching information of their Stacks, inconvenient to use and lack of time managing when it comes to adding the information of the incoming stacks, storing/keeping the files of the old and new stacks, and organizing the record files of the stacks in the cabinet. The computerized Inventory System is the best, easiest and useful solution to do far from the manual process for adding, keeping and organizing the data/files in a papers, folders or even file cabinets, which do not allowed easy retrieval. This computerized record system provides the most usable recording needed, and to empower users and equip them with the tools to do their jobs most effectively and well organize.
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