Chapter I

Topics: Francis of Assisi, Complex, Assisi Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: January 11, 2015

“Reasons why students lose interest in their studies.”

Group IV:
Calicdan, Rameses Kobby P.
Chan, William James C.
Lantin, Katrina Mel E.
Narvadez, Eunice Anne P.
Venzon, Patricia Louisse S.


As generations pass, our lifestyles and perspectives have drastically changed in many ways, especially when it comes to education. Students of today are very much different than students of yesterday. The studying methods of each generation are different; it is so different that it’s has become so broad and hard for the students to adjust. Studying has become a “fun” nowadays because of new techniques, new tools, and new methods, but not all of them are suitable nor work very well with other students. Students lost interest of studying because of many factors involving them. The group chose to dwell in this topic in order to find out the causes of the students to lose interest in their study habits. B. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

Individuals are sent to school to learn and to fulfill their dreams. Studying strongly requires understanding and focus. However, some students have been observed that they lack interest in their studies. However, we presumed that peer pressure, family problems, technology, the school and inferiority complex are some of the reasons why students tend to lose their interest in their studies. C. SCOPE AND LIMITATION

The survey will be conducted at Saint Francis of Assisi College – Main Campus. The respondents will be the Grade 9 and Fourth Year students of SFAC – Main Campus. The duration of the survey will last for about two days. D. IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY

Teachers, students, parents and future researchers will benefit from our research because they can use it as a basis if they encounter the same problem in the near future. E. DEFINITION OF TERMS

Academics – refers to the subjects that are taken by the students. Depression – a state of feeling extreme...
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