Charisma and Decisiveness in Leaders

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Of all leadership attributes, charisma is perhaps the least understood. At first glance, charisma appears to be an invisible energy or magnetism. I believe charisma is both explainable and learnable. Being charismatic means having the power to attract and impress other people. You are charming, graceful…. that people admire your talent, personality and follow you. Charismatic leaders are essentially very skilled communicators – individuals who are both verbally eloquent, but also able to communicate to followers on a deep, emotional level. They are able to arouse strong emotions in followers Charismatic Leaders use a wide range of methods to manage their image and, if they are not naturally charismatic, may practice assiduously at developing their skills. Furthermore, charisma compounds a leader's influence. Without it, leaders have trouble inspiring passion and energizing their teams. With it, leaders draw out the best in their people, give the best of themselves, and find the greatest fulfillment. DECISIVE

Being decisive is an important competency for leaders. Knowing what to decide and when to decide it, as well as including the right people in the decision making and problem solving process are keys to being a successful leader.

Individuals are more apt to follow a leader's aspirations if the leader appears decisive. "Decisive" doesn't necessarily mean the leader makes quick decisions. The important point is leaders don't delay or avoid decisions. When a leader makes a decision it will be consistent and logically supportive of business priorities and core values. For instance, if your company determines customers are dissatisfied with service, management shouldn't spend more to hire, train and retain good service reps. Sounds obvious but not easy to obtain. It's not uncommon for work to stagnate or grind to a halt because no one is willing to make an important decision. Persuasive

How can one person get someone to do something with ease....
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