Childcare Diploma

Topics: Communication, Linguistics, Translation Pages: 2 (312 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Oral interview

SHC 31 2.2
Describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication: ➢ The method of communication
➢ Environment (it depends with whom we are having the conversation) ➢ Proximity, orientation and posture (distance that we allow and take in consideration the cultural differences)

SHC 31 3.1
Explain how people from different backgrounds may use and/or interpret communications method in different ways ➢ Different culture
➢ Different way of saying things
➢ Different body language
➢ Different home environment
➢ Different routine
➢ Different meanings

SHC 31 3.2
Identify barriers to effective communication
➢ Information-Language difficulties of expression
➢ Encoding -Inappropriate method of communication
➢ Transfer – Lost information, post missing, e-mail not received, written messages sent trough a child ➢ Reception – hearing difficulties, visual impairment, sign were not meant for them ➢ Decoding – not understanding the correct message – due to language difficulties, not enough time to understand the message, past experience influence the meaning of the message, stressed or distracted and the information is not absorbed ➢ Feedback - no facial expression, incorrect interpreting of the reaction, ➢ Response message not been received or misunderstood, negative response due to inappropriate style of communication

SHC 31 3.5
Explain how to access extra support or services to enable individuals to communicate effectively ➢ To try and find different way and methods to make someone understand: translating and interpreting services ➢ Speech and language services ( speech therapist or picture exchange, makaton – sign language) ➢ Advocacy services centres where they children can be consulted about matters important to them

SHC32 2.3
Describe how own values, belief systems and experience might affect the working practice ➢ You own values and...
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