Chinese Travel Agency

Topics: Government, Customer service, Customer Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Huella should take Holistic approach to build brand awareness and shopper confidence. We suggest that Huella engages shoppers by using chat rooms, blogs, and social media sites such us Facebook, Twitter, Youtube were travel experiences and suggestions can be shared. People trust other people more than company. Since people are reluctant making payments on website even though it is secure we suggest Huella accepting third party Payment systems like PayPal, Square, Dwolla, Serve, Wepay or others to boost customer confidence. In addition life person in customer service must be easily reachable by end consumer to assist with various needs. Governmental policies in the region have negative impact on online travel business. In addition to controlling rates government regulates route and other restrictions and surcharges. Due to government policies it requires 15 to 30 days notices and MOTC approval before company can change or publish new tariffs or prices, which creates potential problem for online business. Due government intervention online business could have discrepancies in advertised price. This could explain why people use internet only for comparison shopping and purchase tickets from the physical location. In our opinion it is imperative for the company to establish physical presence by building brick-and-mortar chain, purchase one with established name, or partner with existing agency. This action will increase brand awareness, provide personal service and lower prices without the risk of lowering advertised prices and having a problem increasing them. Expected Results & Rationale:

One can never ignore importance of physical presence in the market and Huella is a classic example why physical presence should not be ignored. By establishing physical presence, providing flexibility in payment methods and engaging customers we expect Huellas market share, revenue and brand awareness to increase. Problems created by Positive & Negative Results:

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