Civics Exam Guide

Topics: Government, Law, Citizenship Pages: 2 (264 words) Published: April 22, 2013
CIVICS: The structure and responsibilities of a government, and how one affects and fits in to their country COURSE:
Explore civic identity
Reflect on moral purposes and rights and responsibilities as a citizen •Learn concepts such as democracy, citizenship and political power •Apply terms in relevant manner of CivicAction
Connect civics to the world
What are the reasons for democratic decision-making and how do local, provincial and federal governments in Canada support this? •What does it mean to be a citizen from various perspectives, including globally, and what legal rights and responsibilities are tied with Canadian citizenship? •What beliefs and values underlie democratic citizenship and how do these beliefs and values guide citizens’ actions within communities and societies in which diverse value systems, multiple perspectives and differing civics purpose exist? •What is your personal sense of civic identity and purpose within a society of diverse beliefs and values, what personal group actions can be taken to respond to non-democratic movements?

Responsible citizens are citizens who spread information about issues that are important to them and try to change things •Political involvement is acting upon your values and beliefs

Community must maintain reliable transport, health care and police •Help live in a peaceful world
Protect each other’s rights
Boss creates fair
Leader creates confidence
Boss breeds resentment
Leader breeds enthusiasm
Boss says I
Leader says we
Boss knows how
Leader shows how
Boss makes work drudging
Leader makes work interesting
Boss relies on authority
Leader relies on cooperation
Boss drives
Leader leads
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