Code of Ethics in Mauritius

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Republic of MauRitius


Ministry of Civil Service & Administrative Reforms

Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms

Code of ethiCs
for PubliC offiCers

Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms

Preface 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Purpose of the Code Values and Principles Personal and Professional Behaviour Adopting a Green Behaviour Obligations to the Government of the Day and Relationship with Ministers Good Practices during a Pre-Election Period Political impartiality Responsibility towards the Public Conflicts of Interest Outside Employment Disclosure of Information Use of Public Resources Acceptance of Gifts and Other Benefits


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Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms

Dear Colleagues, As you are aware, public trust in public office-holders has remained a central feature of contemporary debate. Propriety is indeed a cornerstone of public life and it is certainly the main driver in building public trust in our institutions. As public officers we need therefore to constantly renew and demonstrate our commitment to promote a valuebased and ethical Public Service. Ethical leadership is critical for the promotion of a value-based Public Service. Public service leaders should therefore continue to lead by example in matters of propriety and ethics and be excellent role models of integrity. They should also ensure that ethical behaviour cascades down the line such that it becomes a constant issue of concern and practice within the whole Public Service. We must therefore constantly endeavour to identify and bridge any gap between public expectation of propriety in public office-holders and public perception of our actual behavior. Good governance in the public service is not only important for increased effectiveness but it is also one of the main determinants of the country’s competitiveness in the 21st century. There is a need therefore for the public service to maintain its efforts to promote a clean, high performing, more accountable and transparent administration at all levels. This can only be achieved by subscribing to a steadfast adherence to the fundamental values of the public service – the values of integrity, objectivity, impartiality and honesty that constitute its very foundation.

Code of Ethics for Public Officers

This revised “Code of Ethics” precisely provides some guidance on a few new issues and seeks to further consolidate the values that underpin our Public Service. I rely on your continued collaboration in reinforcing our governance framework and creating a value-based and ethical Public Service.

(S. C. Seeballuck, gosk) Secretary to Cabinet and Head of the Civil Service


Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms


Purpose of the Code
This Code of Ethics sets out the standards of correct conduct expected of Public Officers. It emphasizes the importance of a responsible, responsive and caring Civil Service and is intended to promote effective administration and responsible behaviour. The Code of Ethics complements existing legislation and rules and its guiding principles are designed to maintain and enhance values that inspire trust and confidence in the integrity of Public Officers. The Code provides the direction - a self-imposed vigilance is required to achieve the highest standards of ethical conduct. Each Ministry may develop further specific standards of conduct which address its own special circumstances. However, such standards must be consistent with, and not derogate from, those listed in this Code of Ethics. This Code applies to all Public Officers - permanent, part-time, casual, temporary and contractual employees of the Civil Service, the local Government Service and the Rodrigues Regional Assembly - irrespective of gender, grade...
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