Communication Cycle

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The Communication Cycle

The communication cycle has six different stages that help you communicate your ideas. It also takes into consideration how you put your idea across e.g. body language. The communication cycle can help you to communicate in difficult circumstances where it may be hard to put your ideas across or it may be a sensitive subject.

The Six Stages;

1. Ideas occur

You have an idea that you want to communicate.

2. Message coded

You think about how you are going to say what you are thinking. You put your thoughts into language or into some other code such as sign language.

3. Message sent

You speak, sign, write or in some other way, send your message.

4. Message perceived

The other person has to sense your message. They hear your words or see your symbols.

5. Message decoded

The other person has to interpret or decode your message or what you have said. This may not always be easy as they may make assumptions about your words and body language.

6. Message understood

If all goes well your ideas will be understood but this does not always happen the first time.

The six stages of communication cycle include ideas occurring, the message being coded, sending the message, the message being perceived, decoding the message and the message being understood.

The Communication Cycle is a very useful thing to use when trying to communicate sensitive subjects. If we are trying to communicate, for example, someone dying, we can use the Communication Cycle to make sure that we don't say anything insensitive or even hurtful to the person who is meant to be receiving the information. We can use the communication cycle to encode the information correctly and therefore, saying something like "I'm afraid that your husband passed away last night in his sleep, we did everything we could to save him, we're sorry," rather than something like "Your husband died last night,". The first of which is a correct way of putting it,...
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