Communication Process

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The following hypothesis is used as a logical approach for completion of the essay.

A hypothesis is used in order to identify all the key elements of the essay in a logical and a systematic order. The hypothesis is as follows;

“Is effective communication more about identifying and overcoming barriers to communication?

What is the nature of effective communication?”

Based on the above hypothesis, I have listed the following key elements.

1. Communication

1. Communication process
2. Types of communication
3. Importance of communication

2. How communication can influence an organization?

3. Effective & ineffective communication

1. What is effective communication?
2. Importance of effective communication
3. What is ineffective communication?
4. How both effective and ineffective communication affects an organization?

4. Identifying & overcoming communication barriers

1. Barriers to effective communication
2. How to overcome barriers to communication?

1. Introduction

“Communication is the use of verbal and non-verbal communication between people trying to create shared meaning.” (Yoder, Hugenberg & Wallace 1996)

Throughout the history of mankind, their uniqueness in communication has become the key element in their success to become the most developed and well organized living beings among thousands of others. It is no different when comes to the corporate world, better the communication process that an organization posses, better the performances they achieve in today’s competitive world. So it has become vital for an organization to keep its communication process as effectively as possible in order achieve its organizational goals in a both effective and efficient manner.

So the following essay was prepared with the intention of giving the readers a better understanding and a clear view of what is effective communication and what makes the communication a process an effective one.

2.0 What is communication?

Communication is where two or more people will transfer information, feelings, ideas and opinions between or among each others.

2.1 The communication process

This is the standard model of a communication process. This process always takes place between two parties.

Sender – The starting point of the communication process, sender will encode the message Message – The information which is sent to the receiver.
Channel – Is the medium which transfers the message from the sender to the receiver. Barriers – Barriers are the distortions which make the message not to be conveyed as intended. Receiver – The person who’s at the end of the process and who’ll decode the message Feedback – It will be the final step of the communication process where receiver sends a message as reply to the sender.

2. Types of communication
Different forms of communication media like televisions, radios are used by people in order to communicate information,opinions, etc, among each others. The most primitive ways of communication are by body language,speaking,sign language and eye contact. All of those communication methods can be broadly divided in to two main types. Those two types of communication are as follows.

• Verbal communication
• Non verbal communication

1. Verbal communication
Verbal communication includes sounds, words, language and speaking. When it comes to business, verbal communication is very important for the reason being that you are dealing with a variety of people through out the day. In some cases you may deal with people who have different culture, ages and with different levels of experience. Fluent verbal communication is...

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