communicative competence

Topics: Linguistics, Education, Pragmatics Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: September 10, 2014
Communicative Competence

To be a teacher is not an easy job, and to know a language is an everyday work. Teachers should have a guideline to teach a language but before that they should understand how the language works, and to know what are the abilities, skills, and individual characteristics that allows a person to perform actions in a given context. Nowadays people have asked themselves how the communicative competence has been implemented in an English course. It should be developed in two ways; the use of a language in certain situations (pragmatic competence) and the acquisition of grammar structures, the capacity to understand how the text are compounded and its signals, (organizational competence) which are the two main topics of the communicative competence. An English course which was taken three years ago without good results because of the bad use of a language in certain situations such as; “the teacher was all the time answering a question with another question short of the appropriate information” was not an efficient method to solve students’ problems. The pragmatic competence is supposed to clarify the message between the sender and the receiver. On the other hand, the pragmatic competence also develops the ability of a person to produce and understand linguistic expressions in different contexts (Sociolinguistic competence), which also consider the sensibility of dialects that as a students we could not see at that moment because he had preferences for speakers who were from his own region. As students, we need to receive some orders to execute them as a way of learning but in this case orders were not clear enough, even to initiate an activity, it was difficult. The ideational functions; which are in charge to transmit the communicative intention, unfortunately seemed to be out of the teacher’s abilities not even if students tried to help him to organize his ideas in order to make everything clearer was good. With respect...
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