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Communicative Competence refers to the ability of understanding, producing, and interpreting the different Communicative events taking into account not only their explicit sense (what it seems to be more immediate for us), but also its implications; Linguistic Competence: it refers to the ability of producing utterances in an efficient way in all its grammatical levels. It is formed by these competences: lexical, grammatical, semantic, phonologic and orthographic competence.

That is to say, what the speaker wants to say, what the listener wants to understand, their relationship, the social context, etc. Therefore, communicative competence has to do with the social, cultural, and psychological rules that determine the use of a particular language in a particular situation.

The Communicative Approach in language learning is based on the idea that the goal of language acquisition is communicative competence. Hymes says that being able to communicate, doesn't only require grammatical and linguistic competence but also communicative competence, in other words: knowing when and how to say what to whom. To be able to speak in a foreign language the student needs to have knowledge of linguistic forms, meanings and functions. There are two concepts in communication competence: effectiveness and appropriateness. Effectiveness refers to one’s ability to produce the intended effects or goal through interaction and Appropriateness In a manner that maintains the relationship on terms acceptable to those involved. The goal of language instruction is the development of implicit knowledge. If teachers make their students to focus mainly on language form they won’t never be able to communicate effectively. The only place where learning occurs is inside learner’s minds, so teachers cannot just direct that learning.

In footing we can have conversations and when we change the conversation or the topic is where the footing is applying. Is the interaction and analysis face...
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