Comparative Report

Topics: Linguistics, Literature, Writing Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Comparative Report
The English Language and Linguistic(ELL) and the English Literatures(ENGL) are both the major academic discipline areas in the Faculty of Arts. These two disciplines could be found in the Language Center, at the University of Wollongong. Numerous similarities and differences between them could be exposed though they are situated within the same faculty. This report is going to research these two different areas in order to apply some comparison and contrast among them.

The main divergence between the ELL and ENGL concerns the substance which they were involved. The English Language and Linguistic is mainly about teaching students written and spoken skills in literacy and linguistic analyses. However, the English Literatures introduces a spacious range of literary texts such as novels, poetry, drama, diaries, short stories, film and letters with the intention to draw from medieval to contemporary popular culture. In addition, the discipline of ELL includes the study of academic writing and literacy while the ENGL involves the literatures analysis and exploration.

The English Language and Linguistic teaches important skills, like how to unpack technicality in different aspect of text, and how to argue linguistically about the ideology that underpins all kinds of texts. On the other hand, the English Literatures intructs only the knowledge within the aspect of literatures such as Australian literature, postcolonial literatures. In comparison, the erudition taught from the ELL is appropriate for practical use but the knowledge from ENGL is specialized. Therefore, there is a big difference in the substance of these two disciplines.

Apparently, it is easy to distinguish these two disciplines in that they contain dissimilar methodology, features and argumentation. However, similarity can still be found among them. Either studying the ELL or the ENGL, students’ reading, writing and speaking skills would be able to enhance for the reason that...
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