Compare and contrast Persia and Greece

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World History Period 3
3 October 2013
Ancient Persia and Greece were the most influential nations of their time. Both societies waged epic battles with one another. The two empires political structures might have varied greatly, but their economies were quiet similar. These societies were, thought by some, to be ideal civilizations even though they were controversial and waged many wars. The economies of these societies both relied on things such as agriculture and trade. The agricultural aspects include those of harvesting crops, which mainly consisted of barley and wheat, except for in Greece, where olives and grapes also contributed to the economy on a large scale. Beer and wine were the most common beverages among the Persians. The Greeks produced huge quantities of olive oil and wine, so much that merchant’s main supply was of these items. Persia had acquired several regions of fertile land, such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, and Northern India; they prospered by moving the crops to these lands. Trade generated prosperity in Greek by the early thirteenth century. Both civilizations were not exempt to maritime trade. The Persians had vast routes of trade, such as the royal road. Greece also grew in colonization, by growing in population. The Persians government was very stable. It was under the rule of Emperor Darius that Persia finally became unified at 522 B.C.E. The government of Persia and Greece was the foundation of many later countries. Persia was a monarchy, but Greece was a democracy. The rule of Persia was a very benevolent dictatorship. The Greeks however lacked unity. Greece was not a single political entity, but consisted of many different governments. These societies were either oligarchies or monarchies.
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