Compare the Political Regime Type in China and the United States

Topics: Government, Ideology, Political philosophy Pages: 5 (1617 words) Published: February 23, 2010
A country’s regimes are imposed to protect the country’s interest, but these protections will create unavoidable conflict-of-interest where businesses are conducted. Likewise, the super power China and the United States, the perpetual political changes create a direct implication to the day-to-day business activities and the type business investment plan to enter the country. Hence, conflict-of-interests are commonly tensions between the different in political ideologies, social issues, historical and culture background. As these interests are the catalysts to the type of regimes that the country will impose; moreover, these regimes will favour the different types of industries. For that reason, the organisations need to conduct analysis on the political system carefully, so that they can better prepare and outperform their business objectives. Based on the four catalysts, this essay will examine and analysis the different regimes that Chinese government and United States government exercise which will have a lateral effect on the organisation’s business planning process; which focus on different perspective of the employment contract politics and human right regime as well as the transparency between the two government bodies. Political ideologies can be describe as the “field of conceptual meaning created by recurring patterns of conceptual terms and associated policies found in the discourse of politicians as they participate in formal political processes under real-time conditions.” {text:bibliography-mark} . Hence, the major types of ideologies will go through reformation and adjustment, where by old and unsuitable policy is replaced by the new policy. These changes or reformation can be observed from the different perspective between the Democracy and communist ideology. United States believe neo-liberalism which is part of the Democracy ideology. Currently, she is under the control by the two major political parties; the Republicans and the Democrats which they are constantly changeling the democracy ideology. Moreover, the present 44th presidency, Mr Obama is facing the changeling political reformation changes against the global financial crisis and job creation for his people. On the other hand, China functions base on the political ideology of Communism. The founder of Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Mao Tse-Tung unify the whole of China under one political party, and the late 1990’s, the party’s Premier Zhu Rongji open its economic. Peking government functions much like the United States, but the decision making is control by the central government, which include ministries who are responsible for key areas, such as economic planning and production. The central government decision making process follow a bureaucrat system {text:bibliography-mark} , The origin of employment contract politics and human right regime could be trace back to historical records. Such policies were found during the early Roman Empire, whereby civilian workers and contractor were protected by law {text:bibliography-mark} . Laws were regulated to protect the civilian workers and contractor against the market imperfection; for example the legally binding of the workers contract about the scoop of work and duties of work was agreed upon. As so, this is to prevent any discrepancy between them. The law ought to be passed down by the Roman magistrates, much like modern days law that are passed down by the United States department of labour; in which state The Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act (CWHSSA) that protect the interest of the employee {text:bibliography-mark} ; it will improve the general relationship between the organisation and the employee. Although it can be argued that having too much regulation will increase the return of investment {text:bibliography-mark} , but; according to Federal Arbitration Act (FAA), there are a relationships that drawn between the employment contract politics and human right regime...
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