Compulsory Education, How Will It Work for Students?

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Compulsory Education refers to a period of education that is required of every person. Education Commission of the State refers compulsory school attendance as the minimum and maximum age required by each state in which a student must be enrolled in and attending public school or some equivalent education program defined by the law. (ECS June, 2012). Every state may have clause this to their law, but they all fall to where a child has to start at a specific age to start schooling.

The compulsory education requirements in the United States vary by state. For example in the state of California, compulsory education laws require children between six and eighteen years of age to attend school. A pupil who, without a valid excuse, is absent from school for three full days in one school year, or is tardy or absent for more than 30 minutes during the school day on three occasions in one school year, is considered truant.

As per the Legislatives Analysts Office, once a student is designated a truant, state law requires schools, districts, counties, and courts to intervene to ensure that parents and pupils receive certain services to assist them in complying with attendance laws. When these various interventions fail meaning parents or guardians still do not send a child to school or a student misses an unlawful amount of school, the matter is referred to the courts. Courts can then use penalties or other measures to seek compliance.

This is how they are serious about this law, if all else fails and if measures are not complied this can go with the courts. The ultimate goal of truancy prevention programs provided by School Attendance and Review Boards (SARBs) and prosecutions by the district attorneys is to help reduce the number of dropouts in the state's education system and increase the number of high school graduates. One of the advantages of compulsory education is that there are fewer drop outs in which school has better hold on students until they...
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