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Advantages of CAD

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Thesis: Computer aided design contributes to easy design, increases productivity and it also improves the quality of the product, and has beneficial medical, architectural and engineering applications. I. Contributes to easy design and increases productivity A. Contributes to easy design 1. Rapid prototyping 2. Customized mass production B. Increases productivity 1. Easy design process a. Exchange and control of information b. Time-sharing of workstations 2. Controlled digital design II. Improves the quality of the product A. Quality of design process 1. Higher level of visual information 2. Computer aided process planning B. Qualitiy of manufacturing process 1. CAD and CAM integration 2. Machining allowence III. Beneficial medical, architectural and engineering applications A. Architectural and medical applications 1. Medical applications a. Present applications b. Future considerations



2. Architectural applications B. Engineering applications 1. 4D CAD Research 2. Part inspection with laser scanner



Design which simply indicates the human talent of using experiences from the nature is the outcome to fılfill the aesthetical and functional needs. The process of design has existed since the beginning of human life. People design everyday on purpose or not. Even choosing a dress is a decision which belongs to the design process. Based on this, everything we use has a design. Along with the scientific and technological developments, the complexity of the designs has developed as well. Starting to use technological devices in design, design process has been moved to computers and the term “compuer-aided design” came into existence with its useful features. As Groover and Zimmers state in their book named CAD/CAM : Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing, (1983) “ design (CAD) can be defined as the use of computer systems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design”. Therefore, CAD that is based on current modern life’s integrity with computers plays an important role in the process of design. Computer aided design contributes to easy design, increases productivity and it also improves the quality of the product, and has beneficial architectural and engineering applications. One of the most striking benefits of computer aided design is contributing to easy design and inceased productivity. To start with, it contributes to easy design by rapid prototyping and costumized mass production. Cooper asserts that (2001) rapid prototyping ensures printing threedimensional physical models from compute-aided design supplying rapid and inexpensive design process. To be able to have an RP-machine as a common photocopy machine in an office shortens the time needed for creating the physical model of the design which normally takes days or weeks with traditional manual or machining methods. Moreover, the use of inexpensive materials and creation of prototypes cutting the payment for subcontractors make the process cheaper. This explains that the inexpensive and fast process of prototyping increases the comfort of the designer. The oppurtunity to be able to make analysis on three dimensional pysical models during the design process from the beginning to the end also improves the quality of the design. According to



Sorguc’s comments (2010), the development and rapid increase in the availability of computeraided design and manufacturing technology by costumized mass production, together with the tectonic structures, design processes and production methods leads to a change in language of 21 century architecture by choosing the form and material of the buildings and also it leads to unify them. Assembly of the...

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