Computer Architecture

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Computer Architecture and Systems

Brian Finn
Information Technology 1

Part one

Table of Contents
Aims…………………………….. 3
Plan for the assignment…………..5
Part 1 (computer system)…….......6-18
Part 2 (operating system)………...19-22
Part 3 (networks)…………………22-27
Part 4 (internet)…………………..28-34

This project will focus on computer system, networks and operating system, then will seek to address for the following questions: what is the computer system? The definition for operating systems and what devices they provide? , networks hardware and software? And finally this project will investigate the internet and define it, and explains the different ways to connect the internet and issues related to this aims The aims of this report also are to;

* Gather information on the issues that are relevant to Internet users * Analyse the data obtained from research
* Structure findings in a suitable report format
* Present findings fluently and with good expression, correct spelling, grammatically correct and using correct punctuation * Detail key issues with clarity and objectivity in the author’s own words * Draw conclusions using critical thinking and analysis from the findings of the report * Adhere to deadlines

This report going to define the computer systems and list the generation of computers, and investigate the parts of computer, also give an examples of computers systems in different uses such as personal computers or business computers , as well as identifying a hardware devises of it e.g. input/output ,processing, storage devises. Also in this report define the operating system and clarify the services provided by them and describe different types of operating systems. The definition of networks and types of them will be revealed in this report as well. As this report cover the computer architecture and network system operations in details.

This project has been divided into four mail parts parts. The first part of the project will discuss the computer system, the evaluation of computer, show and explain the different parts of hardware used in this machine such as input,output,processing devices and storage devices. The second part of the project will describe the operating systems and the services they provide to the user. In the third part of the project the author will identify the computer networks and list some of the advantages and services offered by networks. Last part in the report refer to internet and define it, as well as the issues related to the internet users such as security and confidentiality on the internet.

Plan for the assignment
Week1 |
Monday | Read the brief|
Tuesday| Search for computer system|
Wednesday| Write about Computer generations|
Thursday| Search and write about computer system used in business | Friday| Search and write about hardware,input,output,storage devices|

Monday| Search for operating system in general|
Tuesday| Write about services provided by operating system| Wednesday| Search and write about the different types of operating system| Thursday| |
Friday| |

Monday| Search and define the computer networks |
Tuesday| Identify the advantages for networks|
Wednesday| Find the different types of networks|
Thursday| Windows evaluation|
Friday| Windows evaluation|

| |
| |
| |
| |
| |

Part 1

The Definition of Computer System:
A computer is programmable machine that processes data according to a setoff instruction the are stored internally. Also computer system can be defined as a set of hardware and software which processes data in a meaningful way. A relatively simple computer system is a PC. An example of a relatively complex computer system is the...

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