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Computer is one of the wonderful wonders of modern science. It is a fairly recent invention. It has become an essential part of modern life. It has made our way of life easy and comfortable. We cannot do anything today without a computer. A computer is basically a processor of information. Any device that helps people perform mathematical calculation may be called a computer.

A computer performs three functions. Firstly it receives data, secondly it process data, and thirdly it emits data. Every computer has a machine language of its own and accordingly it works. Now a day’s computer means digital computer. It can do hundreds of things more than an analogue computer.

Charles Babbage developed this device first in 1812 followed by George Boole in 1854, Howard and Aitten in 1937, Dr. John Nouchly and J. P. Eckert in 1946. These computers were named the first generation equipment. Today, wit the 'Artificial Intelligence' technology, we are using fifth generation computers. Each new generation of computers has been smaller, lighter, speedier and more powerful than the earlier ones. Now note-book sized computers like laptop are fairly common. Computers have been dominating technology since 1970s, and have now entered almost all walks of life.  

In our present life everything is connected with computers technology. We use computers at homes, schools, banks, hospitals, and many other places. A computer is a helpful and comfortable invention. Most things we know are run or made by computers. For example, cars, traffic signals, medical equipments, and most jobs today require the use of computer. It plays a major role, and has a huge impact on our society. The main three effects of living without computers might be losing time, inaccuracy, and missing many important machines that run or made by them.    

  Computers complete a lot of work for us which normally consume a long time .If we did not have computers, we would...
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