Computers vs Tablets

Topics: Personal computer, Tablet PC, Laptop Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: October 17, 2012
The Tablet is a mobile computer, primarily operated by touch screen. The tablet was invented to target businessmen who do fieldwork. Companies such as Apple, HP, Samsung and Blackberry currently have tablets on the market. One advantage of a tablet is its portability. It carries a screen size of about 8.9”, and weighs no more than two pounds. It does not require any external peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard so it not bulky to carry around. Tablets are equipped with various applications. One notable feature of a tablet is an application which allows the user to write notes as oppose to typing. The program, in turn converts the handwriting into text which can be edited and printed. This is convenient when taking notes in a meeting. Since the tablet is so compact, it has less power consumption and as a result the battery life is longer. Having a battery is critical in that tablets does not rely on an electrical supply, so that in the event the there is a power outage, the tablet is still usable. Although the tablet has many good features, there are some shortcomings. Firstly, the tablet does not come with any optical drives for CD or DVD playback. As a result, all software program must be downloaded which is a much slower process as oppose to purchasing the installation CD and running it on the system. Some also doesn't have any Universal Serial Bus (USB) to plug in a flash drive or any other hardware with USB capabilities. Because the primary input device is the touch screen, the user must be able to use this interface. One problem is that the screen is particularly sensitive and sometimes the calibration goes off. Therefore tablets must be handled with extra care. If the screen is damaged, it is very costly to replace. Even though the tablet’s size is admirable, it can be a disadvantage in that it is easy to steal, as oppose to a desktop which has too many components and is very heavy. Although desktop computer was invented before the...
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