Contemporary Issue Increasing Incident of Diabetes Among Middle Age People in Malaysia.’

Topics: Health care, Government, Illness Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: October 11, 2011
3000 word There are a few ways this topic can be addressed
1.For example the subject can be used to explore the potential for developing dedicated or specialist practitioners (professionalization), using the growing incidence of diabetes to explore the need to introduce specialist/advanced practitioners. This would potentially have a twofold impact, by creating a stronger argument for Professionalisation, and also by creating a recognisable career pathway.

2.Alternatively you could use the themes of professionalization and evidence to look at how the incorporation of health promotion theories into working practice (evidence based practice), could potentially alleviate this growing problem.

3.Government approaches to the problem can be linked to policy development.

4.Research into the problem can be linked to evidence based practice (evidence), and perhaps the setting up of special services (policy).

5.Consideration could be given to theoretical frameworks, for example the use of health promotion strategies (professionalization - knowledge).

6.You could ask the question, why is type 2 diabetes more prevalent in the Malaysian Indian population compared to the Chinese? (evidence) By asking this simple question it should be possible to explore and compare the various causative factors (knowledge), while at the same time demonstrating how such research findings can be used to inform and direct services in a meaningful way – in this instance focussing preventative measures at those who are most vulnerable. This would potentially lead to the introduction of Government intervention in the form of health policies allowing you to show how they can influence service development and operation.

7.Alternatively you could reflect on the issue of prevention in relation to the 1995 and 2005 strategies by asking why the incidence is still rising after these...
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