Content Language Integrated Learning Essay

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To have a successful language learning it is important to receive instruction and at the same time to have the opportunity to experience it in real life


Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is important since our lessons are based around topics giving both of us, the teachers and pupils chances to experiment and take risks with the language because there is fluency, meaning and certainly a lot of communication practice therefore, our students can learn like native speakers using topics such as geography, history, science, among others making the lessons motivational and multiple-intelligence friendly lowering the affective filter in that way.

By having non-disposable contents, it focuses on meaning, grammar is embedded. Some of my students absolutely hate grammar learnt as it, so this will help them cope with grammar in a more meaningful way and help them acquire it more than “studying” it.

Another advantage to be considered is the individual and institutional networking opportunities and professional mobility. In this way teachers will know something more than just a “language”, mastering a curricular subject are more likely to get more opportunities and in this case the opportunities might happen abroad because of the reasons just mentioned.

Reflecting upon content and the level of proficiency, another important issue to be considered is the fact that it is still unknown how well a student can transfer knowledge from a second language to his/her mother tongue. We still do not know if when learners are transferring that knowledge will do it conceptual-linguistically correctly. Without a doubt, one of the main advantages of CLIL is to promote students awareness of the value of transferable skills and knowledge, which is the result of an intense acclimatization work. In order to have it successfully done, I must say students would have to slowly get used to the teaching approach before “traditional” CLIL can be...
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