Critical Discourse Analysis on Iwan Fals's Song "Asik Nggak Asik"

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Discourse Analysis
Critical Discourse Analysis on Iwan Fals Song Lyric
“Asik Nggak Asik” focusing on Semantic,
Lexical Cohesion and
Heri Winarko (2011120052)
Indri Astuti (2011120014)
Muhammad Ainul Muiz (2011120061)
Syaifurohman (2011120059)

Section C

Song, despite as a tool to entertain the audience and also as a tool to express the writer’s feelings. In the lyric of some of the songs sometimes contain certain messages behind the literal meaning. The song “Asik Nggak Asik” created by Iwan Fals is the example. Through this song, Iwan Fals try to express his ideology and feeling toward the government. Ideology is used to indicate how some texts and practices present distorted images of reality (Storey, 2009). This usage is intended to draw attention to the way in which song present the image of the reality especially in political field. This song also contains a message about the citizen’s disappointment toward government’s work. In the meaning, we also found sarcasm to criticize the government’s work, it can be seen from certain words that refer to the government such as “dunia binatang” (animal world), “jagoan” (hero) and “catur” (chess).

Keywords: Song, Lexical Cohesion, Ideology, and Semantic (meaning)

Final Exam: Discourse Analysis


Chapter I
This chapter present the reason for conducting the critical discourse analysis Iwan Fals song lyric “Asik Nggak Asik” focus on semantic, lexical cohesion and ideology, which consist of four divisions, namely background of the study, formulation of the problem, objectives of the study, and significance of the study.


Background of the Study
Music is sounds that are sung by voices or played on musical instruments (Merriam-

Webster Dictionary, 2014). Here, any sound that is produced by human or played on musical instrument is defined as Music. Music has many benefit for human. One of those benefit is decreasing stress. The study meta-analysis about Music decreasing stress has been conducted by Mahargyantari P. Dewi. The result of her research is she agreed with the previous researches that music decreasing stress. Music also can improve the quality of human including physic, behavior, and psychology (Dewi, 2009). It is obvious that through music human can improve their quality. If we talk about music, it is really close with the song. Song is often accompanied by music (instruments). Based on KBBI (2014), Song is any variety of rhythmic sound (in speaking, singing, reading, etc.). Song is also variety of singing (producing any rhythmical sound). People who sings a song called as a singer. A singer is people who their job is singing (KBBI 2014).

The development of music is increased recently. It can be seen from the great amount of the genres. As cited from, there are more than 30 genres. Some of them are Blues, Alternative, Classical, Jazz, Comedy, Country, etc. The development of music impacted the increasing of the artists who works as singers. There are solo singer, group band, Duo, Trio, Girl band, Boy band, etc. In Indonesia, One of the famous solo singer is Iwan Fals. Iwan Fals was born on 3th of September, 1961. His real name is Virgiawan Listiano. He is a legend in Indonesia. He also has a famous fans called Oi – Orang Indonesia (Profil dan Biografi Iwan Fals - Musisi Indonesia, 2014). Iwan Fals has released 42 albums in year 1979 to 2004. His album’s theme is commonly about: (1) Patriotism and love of country – Patriotisme dan Cinta Tanah Air; (2) A social environment – Lingkungan Sosial; (3) Criticism

Final Exam: Discourse Analysis


and social justice – Kritik dan Keadilan Sosial; (4) Love – Cinta; (5) Lifestyle – Gaya Hidup; (6) Small people and Social Concern – Rakyat Kecil dan Kepedulian Sosial. (Sakinah, 2012). The phenomenon of song despite has a...

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