Topics: Government, Torres Strait Islanders, Indigenous Australians Pages: 4 (1153 words) Published: October 24, 2013

Project 2
This report looks at community service organisations and how they address diversity and also how they interect with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities. I will firstly look at the role of diversity in the workplace , then move onto how these workplaces accommodate diversity and what access and equity is and if the organisations address this in there work procedures. I will then investigate how these organisations specifically include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities. Followed by the recommendations.

Role of Diversity in the workplace.
Calvary Silver Circle is a non-for-profit Catholic organisation that work with elderly who prefer to stay at home , children , families who are dealing with issues such as physical , emotional and sexual abuse , neglect , family violence , lack of housing , being the victim of violent crime , people living with disability or children with developmental delay. When it comes to services that Carlvary offer , they are a diverse and extensive , and provide for around 5000 families and children each year. Due to large service area as of late there has been a large growth in staff numbers. Staff who work for Carlvary are expected to have relevant qualifications such as Cert 3 in Aged Care or Cert 4 in Disability Care and have a genuine interest in helping the community. Calvary Silver Circle believes that they are “committed to attracting and retaining a diverse range of staff with a passion and commitment to delivering quality services to vulnerable people within the community” (CSC Charter). There is a commitment that Calvary Silver Circle employees must adhere to certain values , which are : respect , courage, integrity, accountability, and working together. Calvary encourages individual contributions and open communication from employees , which they believe facilitate reflective practices and professional development (CSC Charter). Methods of...
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