Culture And Its Implications On Knowledge

Topics: Linguistics, Extinct language, Language death Pages: 3 (1552 words) Published: November 4, 2014

My written task will explore the concept of culture and its implications on language’ In this task I will be investigating how culture affects language and what are these effects. I intended to let my audience understand that although language is so severely influenced by many factors including purpose and audience, all these factors are further influenced by culture: particularly the production cultural context and the reception cultural context. Culture is the filter by which we determine what response is appropriate to a text. The key terms I will address in my written task will be: culture, language, contingent, influenced, context (cultural production and reception context), audience and purpose. This task is clearly linked to the first part of the course ‘Language In Cultural Context’ as it discusses about how the interpretation of language changes depending on the cultural context. My class studied cultural context (both production and reception) and how it influences language. I thought that this would a suitable topic for my written task because I come from the Nigerian culture which is different from that of most Australians and I perceive things differently because of this. My written task will be in the form of an opinionated feature article in a magazine. My piece is set as a modern piece written to a global audience for information and clarification purposes. I also watched a TED video by Suzanne Talhouk titled ‘Don’t Kill Your Language’ which talked about language death and this inspired me further. In my written tasks I employed a variety of literary devices, namely personification, parallelism, apostrophe, epithet, metonymy and synecdoche. I didn’t use rhetorical questions because my feature article was an informative piece instead of a persuasive one. My written task learning outcome of how language and meaning are shaped by culture and context. Dying Cultures = Dying Languages?

In the modern world, more and more we are hearing about dying...
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