David Crocker’s Insiders and Outsiders Account

Topics: Development, Human Development Index, Developed country Pages: 2 (1008 words) Published: October 23, 2014

There are three development ethics frameworks that dominate the way developed countries look at developing countries; particularist anti-ethnocentrism, universalist anti-ethnocentrism, and particularist anit anit-ethnocentrism. David Crocker, a respected philosopher and avid researcher in developmental ethics, describes ethnocentrism as meaning two things. “First, Northern/Western ethnocentrists employ their own cultural norms in evaluating foreign practices. Second, these ethnocentrists employ their standards to make invidious comparisons between their countries’ successes and the failures of so-called backward countries. Foreign standards and practices are judged to be inferior to those of the evaluator.” (Crocker, 27). This paper will turn to these three development ethics later. Crocker diametrically opposes these three frameworks and argues that there is a more fruitful way for developed countries to look at developing countries; where new relations can be formed and boundaries can be crossed. Crocker’s more fruitful approach deals with social insiders and outsiders and the advantages and disadvantages of both. Furthermore, how insiders and outsiders account can answer some concerns raised by ethnocentrism. This paper will now turn to look at the three development ethics that dominate the way developed countries look at developing countries. Firstly, particularist anit-ethnocentrism believes every society should be loyal to its own moral traditions and development ethics therefore societies should not pass judgment onto others. Secondly, universalist anit-ethnocentrism seeks to get beyond all cultural bias and find a way to judge properly. Non-bias judgment can be made by using the Truth about development from an ahistorical perspective. Truth allows for a universal vocabulary to be selected. The problem with using the Truth is it opens the door to domination of others by those who think they have the Truth. Finally, Crocker says particularist anti...
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